Materials list:

- An old white t-shirt

- A notepad or a piece of stiff cardboard

- Coloured fabric pens

- Toy cars


How to make it:


Take an old white T-shirt. Lay it out flat and get ready to draw on the back of it.


Put an old notepad or some stiff cardboard inside the T-shirt to make it as flat as possible and to stop the pens from bleeding through to the front.


Pull the fabric tight and start drawing your track using a black pen. You can draw whatever sort of track you like: it’s up to you! Once you’re happy with the track, draw a dotted line down the centre of the road just like you see in real life.


Now you’ve drawn the track itself, you can start to add the details. Using a green pen, draw and trees and bushes you want to decorate your T-shirt with. Using blue and red pens, draw some road signs to warn drivers of sharp bends, bridges and one way roads.


You can add whatever other features you want to your track. How about a house with a red tiled roof?


Make sure you include a STOP sign so you know when to put on the brakes!


Now your T-shirt race track is ready, rev your engine and hit the road. Vroom, vroom!