Frequently asked questions

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General Help

What are the web browser requirements for the Cartoonito website? features are designed to work best with any browser version numbered 6.0 or higher for Microsoft Internet Explorer, 2.0 or higher for Firefox and 3.1 or higher for Safari (Mac users). If you have an older version, please visit the official website of your respective browser to download an upgrade. The site is also designed to be viewed on at least an 1024x768 pixel screen size. If you can only see a portion of the page in your browser window, check your monitor's settings to adjust your resolution.

Which plug-ins are required while browsing the Cartoonito website?

Plug-ins are additional software programs that enhance your experience by allowing you to play games, clips, web shows and other content featured on this website.

Games require Shockwave and Flash. You can download the free Shockwave plug-in the free Flash plug-in now.

Many of our downloadable files such as screensavers and wallpapers are compressed to reduce download times. To open these files, you will need a decompression program:

PC users: If you do not already have WINZIP, you can download the free TRIAL software here.

Mac users: If you do not already have STUFFIT EXPANDER, the latest version is available for free download here.

What hardware suggestions do you have for me to properly enjoy the Cartoonito website? works best on computers with faster processors, but any computer capable of running your preferred web browser software is more than adequate to enjoy the site.

High-speed connections such as DSL, cable modems or other broadband services allow you to load games, clips and other content at much faster speeds than a dial-up modem. Please contact your local Internet provider for information about high-speed access in your area.

Win Prizes Help

Do I need my parent's permission to enter Cartoonito competitions?

Yes, if you are 16 years old or younger.

Am I registering for any other Cartoonito or third party service by entering my email or phone number?

No. We don’t use your email or phone number for any other purpose than to notify winners. We don’t sell your contact details to any other 3rd party, so don’t worry.

Why do I need to enter my email address, phone number and residential address when entering a competition?

Because we need a contact email, address and phone number to notify winners and dispatch the prizes.

Downloads Help

How do I install a wallpaper?

PC users: once the wallpaper is downloaded and uncompressed, just left-click on the wallpaper and select ‘set as Desktop Background’.

Mac users: once the wallpapers is downloaded and uncompressed, click on the Apple icon on your screen then go to ‘system preferences’, then click ‘desktop and screen saver’ where you can browse your computer and select the desired wallpaper.

How do I download the wallpapers?

Select the wallpaper design you like the most, then the screen size most appropriate for your computer. Cartoonito wallpapers are made in 3 different sizes: 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024.

Videos Help

Why don't the videos don't work on my computer?

To watch our videos, you must have a high-speed connection (DSL or Cable modem). The minimum system configuration to use is:

Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4+, Windows XP, or Mac

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher), Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (or higher), or Mac Safari 3.1 (or higher)

Flash Player: Macromedia Flash 9

Please get a parents or guardian's help to make sure you have all these things.

Games Help

I’m looking for a specific game, but I can’t find it on the Games page.

Try clicking on the ‘Games’ button in the main navigation, then click on the relevant show in the dropdown list. Alternatively, click on the character in the moving navigation at the top of the page, then select "Games" and a list of available games should appear.

Why does the Games page look funny on my computer? looks best on the latest version of Internet Explorer and Firefox on PCs and Safari on Macs.

Why does it take so long for the games to load?

Most of our games have file sizes ranging from 500K to 1.5 MB. Depending on your Internet connection, games can take several minutes to load. For information about high-speed or broadband access, please contact your local service provider.

Why can’t I get the game to load?

Most games require Flash. If you don't have it, you can download the free Flash plug-in here.

This will allow you to play the majority of our games library. The remaining games require the Shockwave plug-in, which you can download free here.

If you still can't get the game to load, you might be running ad-blocking software that prevents the game from loading. Turn off your ad-blocking software (or ask your parents to help you turn it off) and then try loading the game again.

Sitemap Help

What’s a Site Map?

You will find all the Cartoonito website content listed in the Site Map in a text based format.