About the show


Alba is a kitten of about the same age as Pip. She’s a little more thoughtful than he: where he rushes at things like a bull at the gate, Alba takes a slightly more cautious approach. She’ll be there to point out the pitfalls in a plan that Pip might hatch – if there are pitfalls to be seen in it. This is not to say that she is any way a wet blanket; she’s as keen as Pip to have fun; she shares his sense of humour, his eagerness and his inquisitiveness and is as willing as he to throw herself whole-heartedly into any adventure or escapade that presents itself. Alba is also pretty creative. She’s good at making things and is an excellent draftskitten; she’s a dab paw with pencil and paper. These – and a host of other useful things - she keeps in her back-pack.